How to use Niimbot D11 portable labels printer machine – Niimbot™ D11

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How to use Niimbot D11 portable labels printer machine

Amazing Niimbot D11

Niimbot D11 is a printer machine that can help you organize your life by adding labels to all your object in your home, for example, it can help you to organize spice bottles in the kitchen, also, you can use it to organize your notebooks in your office. It used also too much if you have an offline store and you want to add prices to the items you are selling in your shop, no need to tell people about the price. Niimbot D11 is also used by many women to organize their makeup tools and bottles, by sticking an awesome and amazing label above the bottles.

How to use Niimbot D11?

Niimbot D11 is made to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. So first you will need to open the machine using the button side. so the second thing you will need is to install the Android or IOS application on your mobile then register an account using your email address or phone number.

The mobile application type for finding the machine via Bluetooth allows it a little bit of time to find it. Then select the Niimbot D11 series, and select the size of the labels you have. design your labels as you want then when you will finish clicking the print button down on the mobile application, the machine will start printing, allow it a little bit of time and you will see an amazing label you can stick it everywhere you want we have a strong sticker.

Where to buy Niimbot D11?

Our store we are updating the machine to be adaptable with the IOS and Android version so if you purchased the Niimbot d11 machine outside our store we don't responsible if you are purchasing an old or an outdated version, or maybe a fake machine. We said that because our support team always gets too many messages from people who got scammed in other stores, they find too much trouble using the machine also sometimes their machine won't connect with the mobile. So don't follow the cheap price.

Niimbot D11 need ink?

This is the most common question, Niimbot D11 machines are working by thermal label maker so no ink or ribbon is needed.
Its Thermal printheads mean it can print using thermally sensitive materials.

Niimbot d11 troubleshooting

If you buy the machine and labels in our store you will never get any troubleshooting but if you bought it in other stores you may purchase an old version so you will have some troubleshooting like the app is crashing or the machine is not compatible with the new update of IOS or Android device, so you will need to upgrade exploitation system in your device. or use another mobile phone. The troubleshooting also occurs if you are using a not supported label rolls oversize or less size, you should use an appropriate size also must the size you choose on the application be the same one you put in the machine.