Get Niimbot D11 printer with labels For FREE – Niimbot™ D11

Be Careful of imitation in other Stores

Get Niimbot D11 printer with labels For FREE

We can send you the Niimbot D11 machine for FREE only if you have an active Youtube channel with more than 10K Subscribe and/or an Instagram account with more than 50K real Followers, also we can send it if you have an old active blog website with many indexed articles.

What does all that mean?

We will send you the Niimbot label maker with its rolls for FREE and we want you to make a video talking about your experience with put in your Youtube channel or an Instagram Post, an Article if you have a blog website.

Is that all?

No, we have an affiliate program you can register and make an account copy your referral link, and paste it on the description of the Youtube Video, and link bio on Instagram, and an anchor link text on the article. You will win 10% every time a customer purchases from your link also you can provide your audience with a coupon discount code.
We can accept the TikTok account too but with some conditions.

Please contact us for more details: