The important of having portable label printers – Niimbot™ D11

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The important of having portable label printers

portable label printers

It is important to have label printers that are portable and hence can be carried from one place to another so that labeling can be done on the spot. There are many portable printers like Niimbot D11 available today that have a battery inside that is rechargeable and allows the printer to work for hours before a recharge is necessary. These handheld printers are lightweight and compact and can be easily carried. Work with Bluetooth using an application in mobile.

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Labeling machines that can be carried anywhere? from an office to a shop floor? are also available. These are rugged, heavy-duty industrial label printer types that have a wide variety of color label tapes. Another class of printers that are available in the handheld cartridge-based labeling printers that can print die-cut labels and even self-laminating labels and sleeves. A few of these printers come with the additional feature of having the capability to create continuous tapes and pipe markers. Most portable label printers can print bar code labels.

Most portable label printers can also be connected to a computer through an RS232 or USB interface. Software for using these printers is included. Generally, portable label printers like Niimbot D11 can print labels around 2 inches in width. Portable label printers usually use thermal or dot matrix technology for printing. Printing supplies can also be purchased from the manufacturer. The latest innovation in portable label printers is wireless printers that communicate through wireless networking with the host computer.

There is a portable label printer for every need. One only needs to search, either in the local stores or on the internet for the printer that fits one's requirements. Most of these printers are quite cheap and can easily fit into one's budget.